Friday, June 25, 2010

Toddler time at the library rocks!

I have been taking Isabella to one of the branch libraries in San Diego every week for toddler time. There are songs and stories and most importantly- dancing!
She loves the music part of it the best! Whenever the songs stops, she points tot he radio and with pouty lips, says "More".
We usually sit on the outside so she can run around but today we sat inside close to the carpet they have for the kids to sit down on. Well, she became fascinated with this baby sitting in his mama's lap behind her and kept climbing on the chair to look back at him. I've notice she has become very interested with the little babies. She stares at them for the longest time and is motionless, which for her is a great feat! Perhaps, it is because they are someone who are way smaller than her. It is not every day she sees that! This photo is her relaxing in the garden they have off the library in Mission Valley. They have kiddie sized chairs there which is awesome.

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