Thursday, June 24, 2010

Java Mama Cafe in San Diego- A GREAT place to relax while the kids play!

I went to the newly relocated Java Mama Cafe in Scripps Ranch. It used to be in La Mesa which is pretty much next door to where we live. We went once while they were still in La Mesa but Isabella was still a baby and we didn't do much.
Well, now that she is non stop all day, I always try to take somewhere EVERY day or both her and I will go crazy .LOL. Anyway, she loved it at Java Mama. It costs $3.50 for 2 hours of play in their fenced in play area (indoor and air-conditioned!). We spent almost the full 2 hours and I had to drag her out of there! They also have an outdoor area, fully fenced in of course. She had a blast on the indoor slide. She went up and down that thing countless times. All by herself! :) I was actually able to drink my coffee( decaf of course- I haven't had caff for over 2 years!) without her wanting to sample it. You are not allowed to bring any outside food or drink but their coffee drink prices are very reasonable.
This is Isabella on the tunnel thing they have in the outside area. She loved going inside (top picture) and on top of it!
She is wearing her new Gymboree outfit from the Popsicle Party collection! The ice cream cones and bars are so cute!
Java Mama is definitely worth a visit or two or more!
Check out their website:
Java Mama
They also do classes and birthday parties.

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