Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eclipse! Awesome!

Okay, I went to see Eclipse last week and I was blown away! I was not too sure of David Slade based on him being mainly a horror movie director. BUT I was pleasantly surprised. The movie definitely showed the love between Bella and Edward. It was very close to the book AND I am happy that the Jacob thing was down played in my opinion. That was the VERY WORST moment in the book when I was reading! I was "Why, oh why would Stephenie Meyer do that? I know Edward and Bella belong together". Of course, after reading Breaking Dawn, the relationship between Bella and Jacob is explained. It was all predestined for Bella and Jacob to be connected but not in a romantic way! :)
I do wish that the head ripping scene was gorier! I was looking forward to Victoria being ripped apart by Edward!
Overall though I was amazed and cannot wait for the DVD to come out so I can get it and watch it a million times!