Friday, August 21, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I haven't really written much since I signed up here. I guess it has to do with the possibility that no one will read it. But an idea just came to me about what to write...Things I am obsessing about. They tend to change- I am a rather obsessive person. :)
A week or so ago I was on an eBay streak! I decided to get some bigger clothes for my girl and I didn't mind them being used. And once I discovered the sheer amount of stuff people have on there, I WAS hooked! I bid on like 10 things. Luckily, I only won five so I got a LOAD of clothes- a rough estimate is over 100 pieces- for $75 including shipping. And they include brand names like baby Gap, DKNY (super cute jeans- yay!), Old Navy, OshKosh, Izod (who knew they made baby clothes??!) and many others. And the best thing is that 99% of them are in excellent condition! In my opinion, that is a GREAT deal ( I am having this penchant for capital locks in this
And then I decided to list her old clothes for sale and I sold them! I didn't make a huge profit but I hope someone will get a good use out of them!
So since I got the selling bug, I have been listing books for sale on Amazon. Already sold 4 in like 3 days! Crazy! But I like it. And I have a ton of books that i really don't read. I have read them all and apart from a few -Twilight comes to mind- I will not read a second time. So they are just taking up precious space in our two bed/one bath house (a downgrade from our 3bed/2bath house in Texas, but this one here is in a great neighborhood and walking distance to my husband's work).
And then I discovered something called Baby Legs- baby leg warmers and went crazy for them! I bought five pairs and they are so cute! They can also be worn as arm warmers. It is still a bit warm for them yet but soon it will start getting chilly here in the evenings! I can't wait for fall! Here is a pic of Isabella wearing the leg warmers on her arms!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've entered the world of blogging! Who know how many people will actually bother to read this but it is a great outlet for me!
This is my first posting and it will be short. The baby is squealing in her crib, already bored with her nesting cups!