Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I haven't really written much since I signed up here. I guess it has to do with the possibility that no one will read it. But an idea just came to me about what to write...Things I am obsessing about. They tend to change- I am a rather obsessive person. :)
A week or so ago I was on an eBay streak! I decided to get some bigger clothes for my girl and I didn't mind them being used. And once I discovered the sheer amount of stuff people have on there, I WAS hooked! I bid on like 10 things. Luckily, I only won five so I got a LOAD of clothes- a rough estimate is over 100 pieces- for $75 including shipping. And they include brand names like baby Gap, DKNY (super cute jeans- yay!), Old Navy, OshKosh, Izod (who knew they made baby clothes??!) and many others. And the best thing is that 99% of them are in excellent condition! In my opinion, that is a GREAT deal ( I am having this penchant for capital locks in this post...lol).
And then I decided to list her old clothes for sale and I sold them! I didn't make a huge profit but I hope someone will get a good use out of them!
So since I got the selling bug, I have been listing books for sale on Amazon. Already sold 4 in like 3 days! Crazy! But I like it. And I have a ton of books that i really don't read. I have read them all and apart from a few -Twilight comes to mind- I will not read a second time. So they are just taking up precious space in our two bed/one bath house (a downgrade from our 3bed/2bath house in Texas, but this one here is in a great neighborhood and walking distance to my husband's work).
And then I discovered something called Baby Legs- baby leg warmers and went crazy for them! I bought five pairs and they are so cute! They can also be worn as arm warmers. It is still a bit warm for them yet but soon it will start getting chilly here in the evenings! I can't wait for fall! Here is a pic of Isabella wearing the leg warmers on her arms!

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