Sunday, June 27, 2010

Isabella in her lounge chair!

Isabella loves this chair made out of foam and then slip-covered. The slip cover is removable for easy cleaning. because you know that kids will smear and spread and spill all kinds of stuff on it.
This was taken in our pre-bath time when she is tired from her busy day and is winding down. This is the only time during the dayyou will see her sitting still for more than a second.
I love this chair because she likes to drag it around  with her but it is so light and even if she trips over it or it tips when she tries to climb it (both have happened numerous times) she doesn't end up getting hurt. Which makes mommy happy! If anyone is looking for a great toddler chair for a little girl, this is where you find it: Marshmallow Fun Furniture High Back Chair - Disney Fairies

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