Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Isabella LOVES, LOVES this truck! Well, she calls it a car. This is her favorite word at the moment! She started saying it about a month ago and the novelty of it hasn't worn off yet.
Anyway, I got the truck for her for her 1st Birthday but then she really wasn't too interested. And when she started climbing onto things around 14 months, all she wanted to do was climb on it! Well, it wasn't the safest thing in the world for her to do so I took it away and hid it in the closet until about 2 months ago. And now, she is a pro at navigating it, mainly by riding it. She doesn't climb it anymore. She loves the Ice Cream truck music it plays and the little people in the front that move with the music. SO for a toddler on the go this truck is perfect!

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