Sunday, December 13, 2009

Isabella's Almost One!

As we near Isabella's birthday, I become more and more stressed about pretty much everything. I had no idea being a parent would be so much guesswork! I like the exact sciences- physics, chemistry, biology. The answers are clear-cut and there are no grey areas. Being a parent is so chaotic! I have to guess when she might need a nap (yes, there is such thing as sleep signs) and even if she exhibits the signs, she might balk and holler after being put in her bed. I like to be in control and sadly, naps do not fall under my realm of control! But with all the stress and worry, I would not change anything about my little Isabella! She is the most precious thing in my life!

On a completely different note...I saw "New Moon" twice at the movie theater and it was such a well done film. I was afraid that they won't stick to the book as closely as I would have liked. But I was very pleasantly surprised. The director Chris Weitz did a great job. Now I cannot wait for Eclipse to come out at the end of June 2010. David Slade, please don't disappoint the fans! Eclipse is such a complex book to adapt for the big screen.

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